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Ultimate SEO is a unique solution to your search engine needs.  Started by Matthew Leffler‘s 20 years of experience as a technical support / education designer Ultimate SEO sits apart from traditional digital marketers.  We provide full cloud computing support with copy writing abilities and web design experience to provide exceptional SEO solutions.  These skill sets made Matt an Information Governance  software trainer at Hewlett-Packard, an Instructional Designer at Accenture and a “Top Rated” SEO on Upwork.  

From this seed of experience the Ultimate SEO team has grown to include experts in law, programming and logistics.  Find out more about what we can offer you from reviewing our articles, projects and case studies here at UltimateSEO.org


With speed directly and indirectly affecting a sites ranking you can rest assured that your technical SEO is in good hands with Ultimate SEO. Matthew Leffler has worked at Gateway and Hewlett-Packard and has a dozen active technical certifications as well as a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Other team members also bring programming and legal expertise.

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technical certifications


Matt Leffler has a Master of Education in Instructional Design degree as well as a Masters of Business Administration in Technology Management. His education degree has taught him how to influence people, assessments for data collection and how to determine the validity of tools for measuring the acceptance of your message.


Problem Solver

Years of experience in help desk professional roles and management have taught us urgency and how to find a path forward through problems that may arise when trying to meet your goals. If there is a way we can find it and Ultimate SEO knows how to leverage talents needed to gain the edge.


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domain registration

Domain Name Register – PBNs In Mind – Namesilo.com

Expired domains with free private registration and a coupon code from the already cheapest domain prices. Domain Register Coupon Codes First Coupon Code: ultimate seo Second Coupon Code: ultimate pbn Third Coupon Code: ultimate ppc Fourth Coupon Code: ultimate sem Fifth Coupon Code: ultimate smm Sixth Coupon Code: ultimate expired domains In previous updates we've mentioned the importance of registering domains with multiple registrars and the importance of private registration when building your PBNs.  Expired domains fuel your networks growth and they're essential for building a network of any real value.  Five or ten domains won't make a network but by the time you've built up to a hundred domains or more you're going to find you've spent at least a thousand dollars just on names. Namesilo.com is the registrar Ultimate SEO prefers...which is why we've signed up to offer you a coupon code.  Use "ultimate seo" at check out and you'll get a dollar off your domain.  Ultimate SEO gets something for each time you use a coupon code, but each code can be used only once per client.  All codes expire 12-31-2020 Benefits: Free Private Registration . Cheap Registration .  Cheap Transfers Namesilo's Everyday Pricing Registrations in Order Discount Program (active account domains) TLD 1 - 49 50 - 100 101 - 500 0+ 100+ 500+ 1,000+ 2,500+ 5,000+ .com $8.99 $8.89 $8.79 $8.89 $8.79 $8.69 $8.59 $8.49 $8.39 .net $11.79 $11.69 $11.59 $11.69 $11.59 $11.49 $11.39 $11.29 $11.19 .org $10.79 $10.69 $10.59 $10.69 $10.59 $10.49 $10.39 $10.29 ...
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Cloud Computing: Digital Ocean vs Google Cloud vs AWS

This may seem off topic but its on topic, technical SEO is imperative ... you're not going to rank number one on Google using Shopify or Wix.  It just isnt going to happen. Its also apparently difficult to get solid advice on SEO Hosting from "experts" Best Blog Hosting for SEO is junk ... reciting features doesnt make a hosting plan the best...one quote notes that WordPress is already installed with InMotionHosting.com ... so what!  Our web servers are preconfigured to install WordPress in every new account as well...it only saves maybe 5 minutes per user but for a web host that time adds up very quickly. But you arent a web host so it's not that big of a deal.  I'd like to hear about benchmarking tests they may have run to decide who is the best. Features Aren't Technical Specs Unlimited bandwidth...sounds great but what are the limits?  There are limits and these are beyond the hosts control sometimes but for instance .... if someone uses a CAT5 cable instead of a CAT6 everything will be more speed limited and especially if a bottle neck is designed in to infrastructure. Unlimited bandwidth means nothing to me because there are limits ... physical limits exist and can't be avoided.And WordPress preinstalled saves someone 5 minutes but nothing else.  These aren't important to the Hosting platform. Cloud Computing: Be Your Own Host The industry standard in web hosting is cPanel.  No way around it with cPanel your support opinions are bountiful ...
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Easiest Tools To Speed Up WordPress Site Load Times For SEO

In a previous post we noted the difference speed can make in search engine ranking.  The same content delivered in different ways was listed on the same domains but in different positions between desktop and mobile indexes.  Site Speed Affects Ranking In this post we're going to review two less popular ways to speed up your site and we'll mention the popular ways.  There's a reason why Ultimate SEO uses slightly different processes for page load. Often people download plugin optimizers and add page cache plugins to speed up their sites.  Caching is important and serves as one of the best methods of speeding up a site, but there are several points in which you may decide to cache content and where you decide to make that choice does matter. Here are is a very simple diagram of a site and users who are asking that site for content.  In the first image we have just a server running WordPress that uses a database.  In the second we have added a plugin like Super Cache or what have you.  The cache is on your server...which keeps the workload and delivery of content still on your server. This is where folks usually stop and this isn't the most effective measure.  Adding a plugin doesn't really move the workload it just allows the server to deliver older content but its still the server answering all the requests from visitors.  Thats where a free service such as Cloudflare comes into play. Cloudflare Assumes ...
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ifttt buffer.com

Auto Posting Across Social Media Platforms – IFTTT – Buffer.com

I hate missing out just as much as anyone else.  Its why Ultimate SEO has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr, Youtube, Blogger, Instagram, SnapChat and more.  But the only thing worse than not being on a platform is to not appear active on that platform. If someone's first impression of you or your company is your activity on a forgotten profile it is more damaging than not having been there to begin with. IFTTT And Buffer Thats where IFTTT has stepped in and been able to save time while helping to get a message out consistently.  From WordPress IFTTT automatically shares and posts each update to a slew of other sites and until recently its been the most effective means for auto updating social media.  Now that Google+ has ended and with the loss of Gmail applets on IFTTT it may be a good time to look again at social media auto posting techniques.  Recently it appears LinkedIn may have discontinued its connection to IFTTT as well, which is a shame and hurts both LinkedIn and IFTTT. In researching IFTTT applets Buffer.com came to light.  Its mostly a paid version of what IFTTT did for free but it also includes a free options which allows integration with 3 social media platforms.  In the use case of Ultimate SEO that meant connecting to LinkedIn.  The other two positions going to Facebook and Twitter as those are the powerhouse social media platforms. Automated Cross Posting In Social Media My ...
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light speed

Speed: Page Load – Technical SEO Out Ranks Most In Mobile

A Case Study of SEO Metrics And Rank Here is a recently added FAQ to the Ultimate SEO FAQ section. Let me show you how important it is…. Why is realtor.com not higher than zumper.com in the mobile search on the right?  Consider these metrics Realtor.com = Domain Score: 55 Trust Score 58 Alexa Rank 763 Registered 1996 Ads 3,900 Backlinks 57,000,000 Traffic Rank 108 Zumper.com = Domain Score: 37 Trust Score 44 Alexa Rank 17,000 Registered 2004 Ads 0 Backlinks 1,700,000 Traffic Rank 2830 In every metric realtor.com wins, so why is it below Zumper.com on the mobile search? Site Speed Test on GTMetrix Realtor.com Fails Speed Zumper.com Passes Speed So in this example we clearly see a more popular site beaten by a less established site and the single only factor the smaller site did better was speed.  And we cant discount this as … well its only important in mobile.  In case you missed it… Now when we consider the facts above lets also dispel people's over fascination for keywords and text optimization and position of frequency of words, the content length .... on-site SEO, the SEO of the 1990s as I call it... both sites present the same content to the desktop and mobile versions they just differ wildly in the speed.  What are some of the reasons?  Realtor.com decided to present 16 rows of 3 images of homes to visitors while Zumper shows 4 rows of 1 image .... and then additional rows load as you scroll down.  Lazy Load and ...
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Guest Post

Guest Posts Submitted To Ultimate SEO sites

Link Building: Submitted Guest Posts To submit your own guest post visit our submission page.  Approved Guest Posts also appear among the site's regular articles ...
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link building

Link Building: Guest Posts to UltimateSEO.org

Guest Posts or User Submitted Posts are content written by another author not working for the site in which the content is being displayed on.  UltimateSEO has a very easy guest post system and its free.  Content submitted to our site may be syndicated on as many as 300 other sites that we maintain or are affiliated with.  That can potential deliver you hundreds of backlinks from multiple domains.  We offer this feature free of charge at this time, but may charge in the future.  Why is it free when other sites charge?  Its because we want good content and diverse opinions.  So please ensure your post is original, timely, accurate and fresh. Guest Posting is a win win scenario for us and you and your site.  You can write an original article and we'll post it if it is about SEO or SEM in general.  Specific niche SEO topics are also welcome.  Writers can include backlinks of relevant in their posts.  We'd like to recommend no more than one link per 250 words.  If there is an issue we'll let you know.  We also ask the your post include an image or an image per 500 words.  So .in a 2000 word SEO post we'd like to see no more than 8 links and we would like to see about 4 images. Submit For Review Ultimate SEO reserves the right to remove or edit posts on our site.  We will also provide credit to content creators who retain ownership ...
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Link Building: Site Directories

An easy way to build backlinks is through directory submissions.  Anything hard though is worth more, so keep in mind directory submissions don't carry the weight that in content links will.  With that said there is still diluted value in link directories, just don't focus on them. Here are some link directories and they are organized by SEO power. The button below opens a new window with about 100 sites. We also have the following directory sites maintained by Ultimate SEO and these are always free to list with.  This site also has a directory on it built in...you can access it by the top menu bar. https://seoblogs.directory https://healthblogs.directory https://candidate.directory https://workout.directory DIRECTORY SITES ...
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pbn expired domains from the trash

PBNs 2019 – Domain Detailing – Picking Expired Domains And 301 Redirects

Creating A PBN Part 2 In Our Series In PBNs 2019 Part 1 we discussed some logistics of organization on a high level concerning Cloudflare, Spreadsheets and above all randomness.  In this the second part of our private blog network series we'll focus on expired domains and the assessing of their value. Domain Authority Is One Part First, we will look at Domain Authority but before we do lets note Domain Authority in and of itself is worthless.  It IS NOT used by Google.  It is made by a company called Moz and it is their best guest how Google interrupts the content on a site based on a lot of factors but not all the factors and not in the same ratio.  Why do we use it then?  Google doesn't have to tell us their formula for ranking a site in their results...in fact to do so would likely be a disservice to everyone involved.  So based on observation and conjecture Moz provides us with an imperfect rating called Domain Authority.  It is though in the end a made up number that is flawed.  It was so flawed that DA 2.0 came out in March 2019 where many sites saw their rating plummet.  Search results didn't change ... why would they when they are not connected to DA.  Now thats out of the way... Expired Domains We should start with https://expireddomains.net its a good site that has aggregated the domains being deleted from multiple registrars and it provides some base ...
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IFTTT Loses Gmail Service

Much of the info in this post is from an article on engadget.  I became aware of the situation as I was working to build an IFTTT applet that would change my office lights to red if a website went down and I got an email about it from Uptime Robot.  That applet can probably still be made but just not using Gmail anymore as a trigger. From Endadget: Google's push to tighten third-party API access is already going to cost the world Google+, but a change that more of you might notice is coming to IFTTT. The service sent out emails alerting users that their "recipe" scripts involving Gmail triggers and an action that could create a draft will go away as of March 31st. According to Google, the shift is a result of the Project Strobe sweep it announced last October. IFTTT said it worked with Google to keep the integration that will support triggers to Send an email, or to Send Yourself an email, but the API lockdown that's coming would've required too much work to change its services. Otherwise, integrations with Google will still be the same, but anyone relying heavily on the automated scripts may want to double check things before they get a surprise in a few days ...
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top popular seos

Superlatives of SEO – 140 Names To Follow

TOP SEO'S NAMED BY SMALL CLOSED GROUP I'm not a fan of ranked lists and they take me back to middle school lunch room sitting, where a self created elite define a class system.  BUT I do like that the list offers a wide range of people you may not have heard of.  Knowledge gaps can be closed when you step out of your comfort blogs and into unknown ones. I'm going to pull a slight twist though and rather than repeat the names of the whos who .... here are the links to the articles they recommended.  So the focus is on the knowledge not the name. ARTICLES RECOMMENDED BY THE TOP SEOS.
  1. Using Strong Internal Links for SEO
  2. Should Writers Care About Voice Search?
  3. How PageRank Really Works: Understanding Google
  4. 100+ Google SEO Success Factors, Ranked
  5. Data Driven Content Marketing Audit – Pubcon Vegas 2018
  6. Five Ways to Use Social for SEO and Vice Versa
  7. How to create the best content in the world
  8. Measuring the quality of popular keyword research tools
  9. Advanced SEO Auditing
  10. When Shouldn’t You Automate B2B Marketing?
  11. A Technical SEO Checklist for the Non-Technical Marketer
  12. How to Work Effectively with Google Search Console Data to Analyze Google Updates
  13. 14 “No-BS” Ways to Rapidly Increase Organic SEO Traffic in 2018 (with Case Studies & Examples)
  14. How to Calculate Your Total Addressable Market Online
  15. E-A-T and SEO
  16.  Local Landing Page Study: What’s happening in 2018
  17. 91% of Content Gets No Traffic From Google. And How ...
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Quiet Please SEO Experiment In Progress

Mission: Build And Rank A New Site On An Old Site's Bones In 4 Months Little projects with new clients are often the projects that grow into a real relationship of trust and business.  This post is half freelancer experience and half SEO case study. Freelancer ExperienceEvery huge large project I've interviewed for has include 50 or more other people seeking the same job on Upwork.  If that wasn't the case the client didn't end up doing the project and any effort I spent on getting their attention has been a waste.  What has work for me...the small projects.With the small projects the client basically gets to see what you're made of in a low stakes kinda way.  Thats the case in my current largest project Openwalls.The client was looking to buy an existing site that had decent authority in the niche of health.  With my experience in buying and using expired domains I was hired to assess the SEO value of domains available on Flippa and notify the client when I found one worth buying.  What was worth buying?  Honestly hardly nothing on Flippa.  Flippa is stocked to the brim with SEO value 0 sites that have just a generic template thats not even suitable for using the site.  It took months before one popped up that I felt strongly about.  This time gave the client time to work with me and determine if they could trust me for bigger things.SEO CaseStudyOpenwalls.com seemed to have all the stuff going for ...
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Technical SEO Expert

We believe the key to SEO always begins with unique content that your visitors will love.  We’ve helped clients creatively address content issues and build content that people will revisit.  

The best content isn’t enough though to rank at the top of results, and thats where our ability to promote it and help you build a social buzz, along with a faster and more efficient user experience sets us apart from digital marketers.

The best content doesn’t do much good unless people can find it.

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Our best free SEO tool is available at ultimateseo.org/tools or ultimateseo.tools and only requires your user registration.  Our main tool offers site health checks, Google search engine ranking and trending, keyword assessments and much more.

We also offer a free directory and encourage your site submission to it for building your backlinks.

PBN Services

We offer various Private Blog Network solutions in our store that can help you build out or start your network.

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Local Citations

We can help in your link building and local search efforts with our various products for building an online local identity.


Site Auditing

We offer a complete auditing package as well as components of that package that cover competitors, technical, on-page and off-page concerns.

Adwords & PPC

We can provide guidance and review your pay per click advertsing campaigns or take control and work within your defined budget.

Google Data Studio And SEO

Check out our Google Data Studio Posts And Use Our Reports As Templates to combine Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Adwords and more into one dashboard.  You can also see SEO Visualizations from over a couple dozen sites audited using additional tools we’ve mastered.

Google Data Studio

Keyword Considerations: Modern Search Engines Understand Concepts

Knowledge is power and we are living in the age of information technology so there is data everywhere.  The trick these days is keeping up with the fast changing landscape of technology as well as drawing meaningful, actionable results from the mountains of data that almost every new device creates. 

As an example o f the the marathon sprint that has become SEO one only has to consider keywords.  Its the topic most easily associated by others to SEO and likely one of the least important of them these days because search engines have evolved byond simple phrases.  

An example of what I mean brings me back to the time I spent as a software trainer for HP Idol.  Search engines or in this example Idol are advanced enough now that they can tell a difference between these sentences:

  1. Madonna is going to be live in concert this fall.
  2. Madonna and child is on tour this fall we should take the kids and she it.


What was the difference there? I mean if we go by keywords then they are the same person but traveling with her kid is what’s being discussed in the second.  Madonna and Child is a painting and it is going on an art tour.  Search engines though know that is not Madonna the material girl.  They can determine that based on backlinks, site categorization and user behavior. 

SEO Keywords And Madonna

Relevant Terms is the better way to think of keyword optimization.  Keyword density is of no value today, and it once was true that keyword should be entered into a meta field but today everyone admits that don’t pay attention to that often abused meta area. 

Here is a striking graph to help illustrate how much on page SEO is worth it today.  Also worth considering … social media.

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